We’re Mining Minds to Build a Talent Pipeline

Bridging the gap for minorities to create opportunities in emerging and advanced technologies.

What We Do

TechKnowledge, a Florida non-profit organization, provides measurable and sustainable solutions that prepare minorities for opportunities in emerging and advanced technologies.We are dedicated to moving every obstacle in the way of helping minorities achieve success in a technology career through workshops and mentorship.

Preparing Minorities for Tech Careers

Our mentorship program facilitates sustainable relationships between minorities and technology professionals to provide guidance and support.

Moving Obstacles Out of the Way

Results-Driven Programs Our results-driven programs, including workshops and mentorship initiatives, are dedicated to helping minorities achieve technology career success.

Helping Minorities Achieve Tech Career Success

Mentorship That Guides Our mentorship program matches minorities with professionals who can offer guidance and support to help them navigate careers in technology.

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Providing solutions that prepare minorities for opportunities in emerging and advanced technologies.


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Workforce Development

As a pathway to economic prosperity, enroll in a training program.

Entrepreneurial Development

Let us support your ambition to become an entrepreneurial tech visionary and innovator.

Become An Investment Partner

Learn ways to support our mission and gain a financial return.

Technolij & David Wilson Sponsor FMU Students for ADISA Conference

The Steps

Steps We Take to Prepare Minorities for Tech Careers


Community Outreach and Interest


Internships and full time placements


Training Wraparound and preparation

Ongoing Support

Coaching and skill development

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